Reykjavik stabbing victim dies from injuries

A man who received life threatening injuries at a Reykjavik bar two weeks ago has now died.

The man, in his 40s, was attacked at the notorious Monte Carlo bar and gaming establishment a fortnight ago. The chief suspect in the case, who is in his 40s, was yesterday remand in continuing custody by the Reykjavik District Court until the 26th August upon request of the police, who are still investigating. According to police, the man has admitted to the crime.

The deceased victim’s injuries were sustained to the neck with a knife at Monte Carlo on Laugavegur at around midnight on the 15th June, Visir reported. Shortly before the stabbing, a call had been made to the police that a man was running rampage and threatening another man with a knife. The call was answered by a large number of police officers and three ambulances; but they were too late to prevent the stabbing, which split an artery in the head and caused prolific bleeding.

According to Visir, the suspect is a foreign citizen and the victim was Icelandic.