New data cable to boost North Atlantic internet

A new undersea cable across the Atlantic, with a connection to Iceland, will be laid during the next year at a cost of tens of billions of kronur.

The cable will massively increase the amount of data able to be transferred under the ocean and will be of direct benefit to the Icelandic economy, RUV reports.

A new company called Emerald Atlantis and the American cable producer TE-Subcom have signed a contract for the laying of the new data cable. The owners of Emerald Atlantis are American, British and Icelandic.

The cable will be able to handle 60,000 gigabits per second, which is much more than present-day cables. The extra capacity will come as a boost to Iceland’s blossoming data centre industry.

Sea-level field research will take place in the coming weeks and months and the cable itself will be manufactured next winter, laid across the Atlantic next summer and up and running by late 2012.

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