Drunk man threatened girls with ‘gun’

A man has been arrested in Iceland for threatening girls with a starting pistol.

The elite armed ‘Viking Squad’ of the Icelandic police were called out early on Sunday morning because of reports that a drunk man was threatening people with a gun in the centre of the town of Keflavik, south-west Iceland.

He had apparently intimidated two girls outside the Center nightclub by threatening them with the gun. The gun turned out to be a starting pistol, most typically used for starting running races. The bizarre event took place at around 06.00 on Sunday morning, DV reports.

The man was arrested at the scene and taken in for questioning. It is not clear what motivated the crime, but he was in a highly intoxicated state, police say.

Starting pistols are often modified versions of real handguns; but are incapable of firing real bullets.