23 tonnes of fish cover north Iceland road

A lorry in Iceland yesterday spilled around 23 tonnes of fish onto the Route 1 highway because of a road traffic accident.

The truck veered off the road at Gauksmyri in the Vestur Hunavatnssysla municipality in the north west. The vehicle itself comes from the south-eastern town of Hofn i Hornafirdi, however.

The saithe (pollack) went all over the road and took several hours to clean up, RUV reports. Fish is usually transported from Hofn to Reykjavik along the south coast; but with part of the ring road currently closed, freight is travelling the north route, which southern drivers are less used to.

At the current market value, the wasted fish had an estimated value of ISK 4 million (EUR 24,210). The fish was all declared unfit for consumption after its time on the road and its collection by hand.

The cause of the accident is unknown, but the lorry driver was unharmed.

Rescue workers from Hvammstangi and Blonduos helped local police to clean the fish away. There were long traffic delays while the road was closed during the clean-up. The lorry and trailer were transported south for inspection. The road is now open again as normal.

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