Mud soccer gauntlet thrown to Reykjavik team fans

There are only a few weeks until the European Mud Soccer Championships in Iceland — and everyone can take part. One football supporters’ club has even challenged another to make a muddy version of their sides’ impending cup clash that same weekend.

“I absolutely believe they’ll accept the challenge, otherwise they’re chickens,” says Eythor Jovinsson, spokesman for the BI/Bolungarvik supporters’ club.

BI Bolungarvik is the united football team of Bolungarvik and Isafjordur in the Westfjords of Iceland. The small team has surprised everyone this summer by making it to the semi-final of Iceland’s answer to the FA Cup. They will meet the big boys from Reykjavik, KR in Isafjordur on the Verslunarmannagelgi holiday weekend in three weeks.

Coincidentally, on the same weekend Isafjordur will host the European mud football championships for the eighth year in a row. The muddy festival of sport and merriment has grown every year and this year is expected to be no exception, as the town will be full of KR fans supporting their team.

Jovinsson told that the idea behind challenging the KR supporters’ club to a mud-off is to increase excitement and anticipation for the real game in a fun manner.

“Now we just have to wait and see if they take us up on the offer. They can’t really do anything but take us up on it,” he jokes.