Police rescue Lithuanian teen sex slave

Danish police have rescued a Lithuanian teenager, who was being held as a sex slave in Copenhagen, after she managed to secretly email a friend in her home country.

The 19 year-old says she was forced to prostitute herself for several weeks after being lured away from her home country on the promise of a well-paid job.

During her captivity, the woman stole the chance to email a friend in Lithuanian, who alerted the police. After a tip-off from Europol, police raided the address and found the woman. She handed them a handwritten note in English which explained that she was being held against her will and needed help.

“We got a description of the building that she was being held in from Europol. With a little local knowledge and some people watching on the street, we discovered the place,” Trine Moller Andersen, of Copenhagen Police’s anti-human trafficking department, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

A 36 year-old Lithuanian man, who is believed to have come to Denmark at the same time as the woman, has been charged with pimping and human trafficking. The woman had been given food and water and had not been physically harmed, but police found signs that a padlock was about to be installed on her door.

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