Dead baby’s mother released from custody

Icelandic police have now confirmed that the baby found dead in a rubbish skip outside a hotel this weekend was indeed born alive, according to the autopsy. The baby’s mother has been questioned and released on bail.

Results so far also indicate that the baby was dead by the time it was put into the skip, RUV reports.

Police either do not yet know the exact cause of death, or are not yet willing to make it public. The mother of the child, who had been treated as a murder suspect, has been questioned and released from custody at lunchtime today. She was interrogated yesterday afternoon and her testimony is said to have changed the way the case is being handled.

Among other things, some of the basic assumptions of the case that led to the woman being detained are being re-evaluated. According to Jon H. B. Snorrason, prosecutor and deputy Reykjavik police chief, all indications are that the woman had been psychologically unstable when the disturbing chain of events took place this weekend.

Police are currently deciding whether to request the imposition of an international travel ban on the young woman while the case is being investigated. They are also trying to make sure she receives the help and support necessary at such an emotionally difficult time, whether she is guilty or not.