Icelandic FM on Palestinian visit

Iceland’s foreign minister is on his way to Gaza and the West Bank for a visit that is not scheduled to take in Israel.

Ossur Skarphedinsson is travelling to Gaza through Egypt and it is believed he will get there tomorrow. He will use his time in the Middle East to assess the situation there first hand, DV reports.

Following this, Skarphedinsson will travel through Jordan to get to Ramallah in the West Bank (referred to as Palestine in DV) to meet with Palestinian leaders.

Palestinian leaders hope to make a formal request this autumn that could see Palestine become the newest country in the United Nations. It is thought that Ossur Skarphedinsson will be encouraged during his visit to push for Iceland to support the Palestinian request, which has been coolly received by bigger European countries and the USA.

The Icelandic minister says he will not bow to pressure from either side and whatever decision Iceland makes this autumn will have been carefully made.

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