Closed case could be revisited after farmer’s suspicious death

Police in southern Sweden are investigating a possible link between a farmer who was found dead last Friday and the mysterious deaths of his brother and sister-in-law two years ago.

The 53 year-old was found in a large pool of blood with serious injuries at his farm in Viken last week.

It is thought that he could have been murdered during a botched break in, as a window was found to be broken. The cause of death and the murder weapon have not been revealed by police, however.

In May 2009, the man’s brother and the brother’s wife were also found dead in the same area. After a poisoning was initially suspected, the couple’s death was ruled as accidental. The case may now be reopened, however, in light of the latest development.

“There is a mass of information which we are working on,” said Hakan Adler of Skane Police to the TT news agency. Referring to reopening the previous case, Adler told SR radio, “We obviously have that in mind, but just at the moment we are in the process of collecting information. It could become relevant to look at that again.”

Interviews with potential witnesses and a forensic examination of the scene are still ongoing but, as yet, no suspects have been identified.

In 1990, the farmer’s younger brother also tragically committed suicide at the age of 28.