180 Icelanders stuck on Greek island

Among thousands of stranded tourists across Greece, around 180 customers of the Icelandic travel agency Vita are currently stranded on Corfu, to the south of the Greek mainland, due to the general strike called by Greek unions yesterday.

One of the stranded tourists says that there is a good mood among the castaways, who are now due to return home on Thursday.

“Here we are in nearly 30-degree heat and we found out last night through the internet that all flights here would be cancelled today — naturally because of the general strike taking place here in Greece,” tourist Jon Oli Sigurdsson told Visir.is from his Corfu hotel. He said that the travel agency had tried to get a plane out to them yesterday and get them home ahead of the strike; but that the effort failed for some reason. He said they are relying on the holiday rep at the hotel for information now, but that the rep has an awful lot to do right now.

The general strike has been called to last two days and it began shortly after Prime Minister George Papandreou called on the Greek parliament to vote in favour of sweeping austerity measures. Huge crowds of protesters are expected today in Athens and other major cities to call on parliament to reject the painful measures.

If the parliament does not vote in favour of further austerity, Greece will in all likelihood not receive more emergency financial aid from the EU and the IMF. The Greek parliament is expected to vote on the measures tomorrow.

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