Icelandic President has kind words for Sarah Palin

As previously reported on IceNews, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland, has been on an official visit to the US state of Alaska this week.

The trip is described as highly successful in the Alaska Dispatch, which also quotes the President lauding Sarah Palin with praise — describing her as a natural politician.

“I feel her huge political ability, that political essence which one either has or has not. It is like musical ability. Whether people support her or are against her, she has nevertheless in a few short years gone from being elected Alaska governor to being one of the most influential politicians [in the world], which shows her ability,” President Grimsson said.

Grimsson and Palin met before the last elections in the USA, DV reports. Sarah Palin publicly recounted her meeting with the President several times, and he was, for a long time, the only head of state she had met with.

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson said that the pair had discussed various things including geothermal power. When a journalist asked him about her political views, the President replied with a grin: “We shall not discuss that,” and directed the conversation back towards energy and environmental matters.

The full Alaska Dispatch article can be read here.

(Photos: Alëx Elliott)

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