Iceland Catholic abuse scandal deepens

There is evidence to suggest that sexual abuse committed by the head of a Catholic school in Reykjavik was known to the church as early as 1963, but no action was taken.

The sexual abuse at Landakotsskoli seems to have gone on for around 10 years.

In related news, around 20 windows were last night smashed at the Catholic bishop’s residence and police say it is extremely likely the vandalism is related to the Catholic abuse scandal. Nobody has been arrested so far.

The Frettatiminn newspaper, which originally broke the story which was also reported on IceNews, continued its exposé today. Reverend George was the head of Landakotsskoli for 30 years and the newspaper contains interviews with two women who claim to have been abused by George while students.

One of them says she was subject to the abuse for three years between 1959 and 1963. She also says that her father met with the then-Catholic Bishop of Iceland and told him that the headmaster had been abusing his daughter; but nothing was apparently done about it.

The other woman attended the school from 1982 to 1989 and says she was once sexually abused by Reverend George. The reverend died in 2008.

Last week Frettatiminn held interviews with two men who accused former clergy of sexual abuse — including Reverend George.

Both men and one of the women say they have told priests, nuns and bishops about the abuse over the years without any action being taken. The case is now with the police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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