Icelanders seem to be getting more positive about the future

Icelanders’ belief in a positive future for their country appears to be growing, according to a new poll.

The opinion poll was conducted by Midlun, and has been carried out monthly. According to the monthly reports, respondents’ positivity has been growing since February, when the survey began, reports.

In March just 31.4 percent of poll respondents thought Iceland was moving in the right direction; making it the bleakest month. In February the figure was 39.5 percent — 8.1 percent more than the following month.

In April the figure shot up to 46.7 percent of people who believed Iceland was going the right way. The figure was also 46 percent in May.

The May survey found a marked difference in people’s opinion based on their educational level and their age. It found that 50-75 year-olds were more positive than the younger participants (56.7 percent).

More than half of respondents with university degrees felt that Iceland was on the right track (57.1 percent), 41.6 percent of those with college education agreed — while only 36.2 percent of people with basic education felt that Iceland was changing for the better.

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