Icelandic Viking Festival underway

The annual Viking Festival in the Icelandic town of Hafnarfjordur is currently taking place for the 16th time.

The festival is held at Hafnarfjordur’s distinctive wooden Viking village, Fjorukrain. The festival runs until the 20th June and features a Viking market, hand crafts, live music, storytelling, Viking food, ancient games, Viking battles and much more. The real-life modern day Vikings wandering the festival come from all over the world; and some Viking re-enactment groups from overseas have been at every single Hafnarfjordur Viking Festival to date. This year’s festival features a sizeable influx of Faroese Vikings and one of Greenland’s best craftsmen, who specialises in Viking art.

The Viking troubadour Olafur Arni Bjarnason will entertain guests at a concert and dance tonight.

(Photos: IceNews/KMH)

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