New report: Family ties strong among Icelanders

The strength of family bonds between Icelanders has seldom been stronger than now, while the strength of loyalty to the government and official bodies has collapsed since the banking crisis.

These are among the findings of a new research project which the Polish sociologist Katarzyna Growiec presented at the University of Iceland.

Growiec researched the situation of Icelandic students in 2010 and compared her findings to older research from 1984. She says that although family ties have always been strong in Iceland, they are stronger now than ever, RUV reports.

Growiec said that what surprised her from her research is how young people in Iceland seem to trust the assistance and concerns of their parents more than their peers in other countries. She does not, however, link this to the economic crash, pointing to such a trend at least back to 2005.

Growiec said it also surprised her to find out how many Icelandic young people take part in voluntary work during the recession. She believes that social help is part of people’s self-help mechanism during difficult times. By helping others, people are able to find the friendship and feel-good factor which everybody needs when under pressure.