Cyber attacks on Icelandic targets under discussion

Iceland’s Post and Communications Agency is working to set up a response group on cyber attacks following a hacking attack yesterday on CCP Games, which shut down operations for six hours.

The official response group’s role will be to provide advice and assistance to companies and agencies in preventing and dealing with attacks online.

Attacks aimed at bringing down essential web services of various companies and official bodies appear to be on the up, globally. The hackers are being dubbed “hacktivists”, RUV reports.

The attack yesterday left the CCP website down, as well as the entire EVE Online universe, for six hours. Indications point to the attack having been carried out by a group of French hacktivists.

The post and communications agency response group will be built on similar ideas overseas. Hrafnkell V. Gislason, the agency head, says that the group will first concentrate on helping shore up Icelandic telecommunications networks and companies and then on building dialogue with colleagues around the world.

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