Nomadic artists in Iceland call for help with their container

Last summer, a group called artsave installed a shipping container at the Reykjavik harbour. The container was called the artsave lab; the goal of which was to research and investigate through art.

artsave was there for three months working on the container, getting in touch with different organisations and art schools, meeting with young artists and conducting various interviews in preparation for a bigger project in Iceland this year.

“This summer we will be in the North doing some more research, site investigation and connecting with people.
And we are planning a community project with kids and young people for the exterior of the container:
the artsave container competition,” says the project’s Jennifer Flume.

artsave is a play on the word Icesave. artsave is a nomadic research laboratory: an international network for artists of different types and disciplines. “The lab encourages the creation of utopias in times of capitalism, supports projects without commercial agenda and demands a critical art practice with a non-profit aim and a
social benefit,” the group’s literature states.

In July 2011, the artsave container will be installed close to Husavik at Hestamidstodin Saltvik and everybody is envouraged to participate in the artsave competition for the exterior design of the container.

The winning concept will be executed in September as a local community project. Deadline for entry is 30th July.

Information and application in English and Icelandic online at