Eagles reward Icelandic restaurant staff with free concert tickets

The Eagles, one of the world’s most famous rock bands, turned up unannounced at a Reykjavik Chinese restaurant and take away yesterday and were so satisfied with their meal that they invited all the restaurant staff to their sold-out concert tonight, for free.

“They came here yesterday evening and had a mix of healthy dishes and the new chicken dish,” says Hilmar Sigurjonsson, manager of Nings restaurant, after the Eagles rock gods decided to eat at the Sudurlandsbraut restaurant yesterday; along with their road crew. The rockers were so satisfied with their food that they invited all the workers at Nings to their concert which will take place at the nearby Laugardalsholl tonight.

Sigurjonsson told Visir.is that the band and entourage did not cause much of a stir at first. “The young girls didn’t know who they were when they came in. They probably just thought it was a group of English-speaking old age pensioners on holiday,” he said; adding that the band were extremely polite throughout.

Frettabladid reported last month that the Eagles’ dietary requirements during their European tour, Long Road Out of Eden are as strict as they are many. That tour kicks off tonight in the Icelandic capital.

Among the food rules are that all food served to the band must be healthy, because the Eagles are trying to think of their health.

All dressing rooms must be full of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as freshly baked bread. It is important for the hard boiled eggs in each dressing room to be cold and have no cracks in their shells. The grapes must be so fresh that none fall off the bunch when they are shaken.

It appears that Nings was able to satisfy the rockers’ demands despite the total lack of advance warning. All nine of the people working there last night have been invited to the concert tonight. Not only that, but they also ordered more Chinese food for lunch time today so that they don’t get hungry during rehearsals. Those desperate to catch a glimpse or an autograph were warned not to bother — the food was to be delivered.

Hilmar Sigurjonsson said that all his staff were extremely happy and that the concert invite was a fun recognition of the fact that they are doing a good job.

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