Iceland’s CCP Games signs Sony deal

Reykjavik-based CCP has signed a deal with Sony for the production and distribution of a new computer game for the Playstation 3. It is hoped the game will come out early next summer and that it will prove a major success for CCP, which is already famous for EVE Online.

The game is called Dust 514 and is a so-called first person shooting game. CCP has up until now only made games for PC. The Sony deal is a conscious step into the gaming console arena. CCP’s director or trade development, Thorsteinn Hogni Gunnarsson, told RUV that the shoot ’em up game is connected to EVE Online, which has been a successful online game for years, and that it marks a major milestone for the company.

The going rate of development costs for a game like Dust are in the region of ISK 1-3 billion (EUR 6-18 million). The game’s Beta version (the test version) will come out next summer and Gunnarsson believes it will help the marketing of EVE Online still further. EVE Online already has more players worldwide than Iceland has inhabitants.

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