Icelanders travelling to the sun once again

Holidays in the sun are once again in high demand in Iceland and the number of package holidays sold has been gradually increasing for two years.

One of the country’s biggest tour operators, Urval Utsyn, released figures showing a 15-20 percent increase in sun holidays sold between years. “The big change is that people are booking with more notice than before. It is now more of a big decision to travel,” says the company CEO Thorsteinn Gudjonsson.

Gudjonsson told that sales of foreign holidays dropped by 50 percent following the banking crash — with the biggest recession among young people and those who had recently bought houses.

“Those groups dropped more or less completely out after the crash, but are starting to move once more. There was a much smaller travel recession among older people,” he said.

Gudjonsson says that Urval Utsyn always tries to offer something new; but that last year it seemed that customers just wanted safe options of destinations they knew.

This year they are offering packages to five southerly destinations, including Barcelona, Tenerife and Alicante. Almeira is new this year and proving popular.

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