Charity runners set off around Iceland

Two Icelandic couples have set off to run the Route 1 highway all the way around Iceland. They are running to raise money for cancer.

The two couples intend to run all the way around Iceland in just two weeks in order to raise money for children with cancer, and their families.

Signy Gunnarsdottir, Sveinn Benedikt Rognvaldsson, Alma Rognvaldsdottir and Gudmundur Gudnason set off yesterday from the Barnaspitali Hringsins children’s hospital in Reykjavik. Their goal for day one was to reach the small town of Hella in South Iceland.

Each of them will run an average of 24 kilometres each day, RUV reports.

Signy and Sveinn’s three year-old son was diagnosed with leukaemia around a year ago; but he is now on the road to recovery following a difficult course of medication.

The runners’ progress can be followed on and the website also has details on how to sponsor the athletic friends.


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