Health tourism at Asbru Health Village in Iceland sees boost in visitors

The Asbru Health Village in Iceland has recently seen a boost in health tourists from Norway and the Faroe Islands who come to the country to enjoy health treatment at the Icelandic Health Hotel. The hotel offers, amongst other services, an excellent detox treatment which in turn keeps guests coming back.

In a recent interview with Icelandic media, the hotel’s Executive Director, Ragnar Saer Ragnarsson, explained how a new marketing strategy has helped to see this increase:

“The new strategy is based on current customers recommending the hotel to their friends. Hotel guests are encouraging their friends to come to the place where they themselves are renewing their energy and improving appearances. In addition, the staff at the health hotel has created peaceful and pleasurable surroundings, which make the guests feel welcome.”

The Iceland health hotel offers two week treatments where guests relax and receive guidelines on how to abolish bad habits and start a new life. The main focus of the health hotel thus far has been on Norwegian and Faroese people, however, the health hotel is looking to branch out and attract people from all over Europe.

The Icelandic Health Hotel is just one of several exciting companies in the Asbru Health Village. The Keilir School of Health has had great success with its personal trainer courses and the Alkemistinn organic skin care product range, produced on site, is steadily gaining popularity in Iceland.

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