Thailand gets lesson in Danish design

A recent design conference in Bangkok has boosted Thai-Danish relations in a creative fashion.

The event, backed by the Thai Embassy in Copenhagen and put on by Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took place on 3rd May and saw the exchange of ideas and techniques between Danish and Thai designers, not only to improve relations but as a promotional effort for Thailand as an up-and-coming design centre.

Thailand’s ambassador, Piyawat Niyomrerks, told the Copenhagen Post, “Danish design is world class and I would like to disseminate it into Thai people’s minds.”

The conference saw three of Denmark’s top design names – industrial designer Thomas Harrit, furniture specialist Tine Mouritsen and project manager Charlotte Hoeg Andersen – visit Thailand to deliver lectures and share techniques with Thai designers.

Likewise, presentations were given by Jannie Mari Lindermann, chief executive and founder of Danish accessory and bag maker Lomme AsP, as well as Tanapong Chirapanidchakul, whose retail firm has exclusive distribution rights for products from Denmark’s Pandora Jewellery.

Mr Niyomrerks made it clear to Copenhagen Post reporters that the event was an important cultural and creative exchange and was not solely held in the interest of economic and industrial relations for the two nations. He said, “If Thai people can learn to understand Danish design – which is practical, simple and elegant – then we can learn to understand the Danish people.”

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