Ash production apparently finished at Icelandic volcano

No ash production has been seen at all from Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano since Thursday. Volcanic activity in the area is now minimal and flares up only every few hours.

Due to the spikes in activity, people are still strongly advised not to visit the volcano itself.

Some 30 fire fighters and 60 search and rescue workers have been helping local people cleaning up and carrying out day-to-day tasks.

Scientists intend to visit Grimsvotn tomorrow and set up new monitoring equipment at the same time as visually assessing the eruption.

Meanwhile, tourism workers at Skaftarhreppur region say they have no fear that foreign tourists will stay away this summer; but that they are rather more concerned about Icelandic tourists. Ingibjorg Eiriksdottir, a tourism specialist from Kirkjubaejarklaustur, told RUV that last year’s eruption proved an important lesson for everybody — including tourists — and that foreign guests planning to visit Iceland seem to be much less panicked this time around. She has been pleasantly surprised at the small number of cancellations so far.

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