300 new pre-school places for Reykjavik

The City of Reykjavik is making plans to increase the number of pre-school places available, following Iceland’s baby boom.

The city’s plan is to create 300 new places for young children in order to meet demand. In Iceland almost all 2-6 year-olds attend pre-school full time.

This year the number of places will go up by 250 for children who were born in 2009 and at the beginning of next year, 55 new places will be created with the opening of a new pre-school at Nordlingaholt.

A statement from the City of Reykjavik says that authorities hope to create a large number of new places without building more new schools. There are already examples of temporary buildings being used alongside existing pre-schools to increase their capacity, and more such buildings are likely, RUV reports.

The number of so-called Day Parents (people employed by the City to look after children in the day time at their own homes) has gone up by 30 this year after an advertising campaign to employ more people. The city now boasts 200 Day Parents.