Lost German tourist found safe near Icelandic glacier

A German tourist exploring the Icelandic countryside near the Vatnajokull glacier got lost and called for help on his mobile phone. After an extensive search, he was found safe.

The German man got lost to the north of Vatnajokull, the glacier under which the Grimsvotn volcano is erupting. He called for help when he realised he was lost and Icelandic search and rescue teams began to look for him.

He was found yesterday evening by the TF-Gna helicopter. He was 14 kilometres southwest of Fjordungsalda.

He was found safe and in good health; although cold and distressed, Visir.is reports.

Some 60 search and rescue volunteers were searching for the man, and more were on the way when he was found. Teams had been called out from the south, the north, Reykjavik and Reykjanes; as every effort was being made to find him before night time.