“Only steam” coming from Icelandic volcano

A group of Icelandic tourist guides visited the Grimsvotn volcano overnight and came to the conclusion that the eruption is over, in their (openly-admitted) unscientific opinion. Scientists are not so bold in their diagnoses and are flying over the Vatnajokull glacier now to take measurements. They are expected back in Reykjavik in just over an hour.

Asberg Jonsson was among the group of tourist guides: “What was awaiting us was that it was basically over. There was a plume of steam coming out of it, but little more than that. No lava visible and no ash — well, except that which is lying all around the crater,” he told RUV.

More news is expected when the scientific expedition returns to the Icelandic capital. They took to the skies shortly after 09.00 GMT this morning.

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