Iceland volcano “in dying stages”?

“It is not over but it has slowed right down,” says University of Iceland geomorphologist Bjorn Oddsson. The intensity of the volcano at Grimsvotn has been reducing fast since last night.

“We are going to fly over the site later, as we haven’t seen the volcano itself since Sunday; so it is really not possible to say exactly what is happening,” Oddsson told However, scientists monitoring the eruption from afar with measuring equipment are sure the volcano is much quieter now. The reduced height of the ash cloud seems to bear this out. “It seems to be in its dying stages,” Oddsson said, “Although it is always possible it will flare up again as Eyjafjallajokull did,” he added.

There is now a lot less ash in the air in towns and farms near the Vatnajokull glacier; but there is still a lot of it lying on the ground which easily blows up into dust storms.

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