Spain adopts Iceland’s Kitchenware Revolution idea

The so-called ‘Kitchenware Revolution’ in Iceland is said to be the inspiration behind ongoing protests in Spain against unemployment and perceived government inaction.

Thousands of people have been holding vigils on the streets of Madrid and there have been protests against youth unemployment and the lack of government action to tackle the problem. It is thought nearly half of under 25s are unemployed in Spain; and the figure is rising, reports.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais reported this week that the youth protests were inspired by Iceland. The paper recounts the tale of how singer Hordur Torfason took to Reykjavik’s Austurvollur square in October 2008 with a guitar and microphone and started a protest to show his anger at the banking crash and its causes and consequences. Tens of people joined him to start with; but that grew to hundreds; and then thousands; and finally tens of thousands.

Icelandic ripples have spread to Spain in the form of thousands of angry young people gathering in the country’s biggest cities since the 15th May, the paper reports. “Spain rise up — be the second Iceland” and “Our role model — Iceland” are chants being used by the protesters.

El Pais states that Icelanders managed to topple their government and hound the bankers who led the economy to ruin with an ongoing investigation. As well as that, the paper says, they rejected the Icesave repayment contract — and better still, they have also set up a constitutional council to update the national constitution.

(Photo on this page taken at Reykjavik protests. Homepage photo not directly linked to story: for illustration purposes only)

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