Denmark rewards best online shop

The website, which is based on an Icelandic website and employs five Icelanders, has won the E-Handelprisen for Denmark’s best webshop.

“It came as a big surprise. I wasn’t really very worried about it, but when we got to the venue I began to get very stressed,” says Sindri Mar Finnbogason from “There were around 300 people there and it is a pretty big event which is held there every year. It is a massive recognition to get this,” he added. is modelled on Iceland’s, which sells tickets to all sorts of concerts, films, exhibitions, sporting, and other, events. The Prize will be a big boost to the Danish site: “Billetlugen did not build a particularly good reputation when it opened. This award underlines the work that we have been putting in to make the company better,” Finnbogason told

Billetlugen sells around three million tickets per year; among them for the famous Roskilde festival, Tivoli Gardens, Vega, Parken and Danmarks Radio.

Finnbogason and his compatriots have since opened a ticketing website in Sweden under the name and are still hoping to open their new Norwegian website this June.