Icelandic yogurt Skyr labelled superfood on CBS television

Icelandic yogurt, otherwise known as Skyr, recently appeared on “The Early Show”, a CBS news broadcast, being labelled as a “superfood” by Cynthia Cass, dietitian and author of Cinch: Conquer Cravings, Chop Pounds, and Lose Inches. According to Cass, super foods can help people stay healthy, fight disease and even live longer.

Cass explained, “This is the new Greek yogurt. It’s Icelandic yogurt, which is strained in a way that makes it even thicker and higher in protein than Greek yogurt. One six ounce serving packs 17 grams of protein, compared to about 15 in Greek yogurt and about eight in traditional yogurt.”

She continued, “You can add herbs, honey and cinnamon as a dip for fruit. The strains make it thicker. You get a creamier texture. More protein without the fat. … If you put a spoon in this and turn it upside down it probably wouldn’t come out. That’s how thick it is. You can use it in smoothies. You can eat it as-is. It comes with fruit flavors and you can eat it plain, as well.”

Einar Sigurdsson, CEO of MS Iceland Dairies (Mjolkursamsalan), commented, “We have been exporting Skyr to the U.S. for over six years now, and we expect that this review will do nothing but strengthen the brand and increase sales. This recent coverage is great exposure.”

MS is currently working on increasing Skyr distribution across the U.S., while the product is now being sold in Norway, Denmark and Finland, with the aim of eventually exporting worldwide.

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