Icelandic unions call for action against ferry company

Three Icelandic unions are calling for action against the ferry operator Smyril Line for paying Icelandic employees 30 percent less than their foreign colleagues.

The Faroese company Smyril Line operates the Norrona ferry, which connects Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Now the Afl trade union, the Icelandic Confederation of Labour and the Seamens’ Association are calling for action against the company for paying Icelanders 30 percent less than others for the same jobs, reports.

The ‘call to arms’ was sounded in full-page advertisements in Icelandic newspapers this morning under the headline: ‘Let’s not stand for this’.

The three unions do not explain what actions they have in mind to take against the company; but the advert’s text says that Icelandic workers’ unions cannot allow such practices to go unchallenged.

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