Project to boost Copenhagen bee population

Copenhagen is working to keep parks and green areas pollinated through a new bee recovery programme.

Some three million bees are being added to the city’s natural population, thanks to the new programme backed by Bybi (meaning “city bee”). The group is hoping that the new residents will ensure that bushes, flowers and trees throughout the city continue to blossom.

Bybi director Oliver Maxwell said to the Politken newspaper: “Lots of people today think of nature as something that stands apart from our everyday lives. But there is tonnes of natural diversity in the city, around the train tracks, in the backyards and in the parks, where the bees are essential for sustaining and pollinating nature,” the Copenhagen Post reports.

Several other cities worldwide have recently begun bee reintroduction projects, including Chicago, Paris and London; where dozens of hives have been added to numerous rooftops. In Copenhagen, new hives can be found on rooftops at the Bella Center, in Kongens Nytorv square and at the Carlsberg HQ.

Experts have said residents have no need to fear as bees are human-friendly and wasps are the ones to watch out for.

Danish Beekeepers’ Association chairman, Vagn Kildsig said: “I can say with all certainty that there is no need to worry, even though there will be lots of bees in Copenhagen in the future, bees are only interested in nectar from flowers: the things that can irritate us are wasps.”

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