Reykjavik murder case: names revealed

The names of the Icelandic man and the mother of his child, who he admitted to killing this Thursday, have now been revealed by police.

The man, Axel Johannsson, has been remand in custody while the police investigation continues. Johannsson left his job at Islenska Gamafelagid in Reydarfjordur, East Iceland, around a month ago. He had worked there for three months. According to the company president, Jon Thor Frantzson, he did very well in his job; but he would not tell DV why he left the job. Johannsson had worked in waste disposal for the company.

He is 25 years-old and grew up in Eskifjordur (East Iceland); but moved away at around the age of 13. His mother lives in Reykjavik and his father passed away last year.

Johannsson had a son two years ago with Thora Elin Thorvaldsdottir. He also has a six year-old son from a previous relationship. Johannsson and Thorvaldsdottir had been living in Eskifjordur for work reasons, but had decided to move to Akureyri (North Iceland).

“They were normal people who kept largely to themselves,” one Eskifjordur resident told DV.

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