Eritrean pair caught with false passports in Iceland

Two people claiming to be from Eritrea were arrested and sentenced in Iceland this week for using false passports.

A woman and a man were arrested in the eastern port of Seydisfjordur as they disembarked from the Norrona ferry. They had boarded in Denmark and had travelled to Iceland via the Faroe Islands.

The pair arrived with the ferry on Tuesday and were arrested and questioned while their passports were sent to Keflavik, where police confirmed their invalidity. The pair were yesterday sentenced to 30 days in prison for the crime of travelling under a false passport.

Police in Egilsstadir say that the man has requested asylum in Iceland. It is not known whether the pair are related; but it is known that their intended destination was to have been Canada.

The Eritrean man and woman will serve their short sentences in Reykjavik.

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