Paul Oscar eats hat in apology to Iceland Eurovision team

Arguably Iceland’s biggest pop star and Eurovision Song Contest veteran and pundit, Pall Oskar (A.K.A. Paul Oscar) has eaten his hat during a live broadcast after having been totally sure that the Icelandic song ‘Coming Home’ would not make it through last night’s semi final.

For the third year in a row, Iceland was announced the tenth out of ten advancing countries — a remarkable fact as the results are supposedly read out in completely random order.

The band, Sjonni’s Friends, are competing in Dusseldorf in memory of their friend Sjonni (Sigurjon Brink), who wrote the song and intended to perform it himself; but suddenly died of a stroke. Following his untimely death, Coming Home subsequently won the Icelandic heats. The genuinely touching story behind the song undoubtedly helped; but some pundits, including Paul Oscar, did not believe the song had what it takes to advance to Saturday.

Turning up at the Bylgjan radio station, Paul Oscar was treated to a specially-made cake-based hat, which he ate live on air.

A cake-based hat surely tastes better than humble pie…who would have thought apologies could be so rewarding?

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