Icelandic minister’s house attacked

The home of Icelandic Interior Minister, Ogmundur Jonasson, was attacked over the weekend while the minister was at home. Nobody was hurt.

Jonasson’s house was attacked at around 03.00 on Sunday morning by unknown persons. The minister was awake at the time. A large number of police attended the scene, as it was initially thought a siege was taking place. The police quickly reached Jonasson and ensured his safety and that of his family.

Two windows were broken in the attack and glass rained down inside the house, reported.

It is not known who attacked the minister or for what reason; but he has been under pressure concerning asylum seekers and how long their applications can take to process. Initial speculation pointed to angry asylum seekers, or their supporters, following last week’s incident of an Iranian man who has been waiting some seven years for a residence permit and decided to draw attention to his plight by threatening to catch fire to himself at the Red Cross headquarters. Jonasson told reporters, however, that there is absolutely no evidence yet to suggest the attack is linked to asylum seekers.

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