Spring birdwatch in Iceland

The first Arctic terns have now arrived in north and west Iceland; as well as some rarer varieties, such as swallows, finches and other foreign species.

The first of the season’s Arctic terns were seen at Gaseyri by Eyjafjordur, in the north; and by Onundarfjordur in the Westfjords.

Moor hens, shovelers and the common crane have also arrived in Iceland. Cranes were once considered by Icelanders to be messengers from the gods.

Two little egrets have also been spotted — one of which at Stodvafjordur.

According to RUV, the little egret is considered to be a very attractive looking bird. Standing at 56 centimetres tall, it has white feathers which appear to shine. The egret has long feathers trailing back from its head and also has long, almost shaggy feathers on its thighs and breast. The bird is often likened to a marble statue when it is standing perfectly still in water, fishing.