Good to be a mother in Iceland, best in Norway

It is good to be a mother in Iceland and even better in Norway, according to a newly published annual report on worldwide motherhood.

Norway tops the list of best places to be a mother and Iceland and Australia jointly claim second spot.

All the Nordic countries make the top ten, with Sweden and Denmark in fourth and fifth and Finland in seventh, DV reported.

The charity Save The Children is behind the yearly research which covers nearly all countries in the world. According to the newest report, the worst place to give birth at the moment is Afghanistan. The Middle Eastern countries and many African nations are also very low on the list.

According to the charity, the study takes into account health, education and economic conditions for women and children in 164 countries. As the Middle East shows, culture can be as big an influencing factor as wealth.

Norway ranks first this year and Afghanistan ranks last. The United States comes in at number 31 among the 43 developed countries ranked.

Read more on the report here.

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