85 EU translation jobs in Iceland

Work to translate European Union legislation into Icelandic will provide 85 jobs all over Iceland — including 10 in rural East Iceland. The project will last for three years.

A company called Sagnabrunnur in Seydisfjordur is one business participating in the project which was franchised out by the translation centre at the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs. According to the company’s director, Rannveig Thorhallsdottir, her company in East Iceland will employ 8-10 translators, RUV reports.

The project will see EU legislation, such as directives and regulations, connected to Iceland’s accession bid translated into Icelandic.

Although legal translation work can be dry and rather difficult, Thorhallsdottir says that the first texts have actually been quite fun. The texts translated so far have been about tractors, and as two farmers are among the translators, the mood has been very good, she says.

The company director adds that the project is very positive for her small East Iceland community to have the requirement for university educated people in new positions. The project takes place online and translators can work from home — making it ideal for parents where it is possible to manage the washing machine in one hand and the computer in the other, Thorhallsdottir says.

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