Holy Saturday

Today is Holy Saturday; although it is often wrongly referred to as Easter Saturday. The real Easter Saturday is actually next weekend!

As far as shops, restaurants and other services go, today is a normal Saturday — the only normal working day in the long Easter weekend. In reality, however, a lot of small independent shops in the Nordic region will remain closed and many residents are far away from home visiting family, or simply taking advantage of the long weekend.

In Greenland, Easter has become known for dog sled racing; especially in Sisimiut. This year, Sermitsiaq reports, women and children are especially encouraged to take part both today and also next Saturday.

Greenlandic police request snow mobilers and other motorists near Sisimiut to be aware of dog sleds during the festival. Children seven years-old and under may only race their sleds with one dog, 8-11’s can have five dogs and 12-15 year-olds are restricted to ‘just’ eight sled dogs.