New report in English explains Iceland’s economic status

The Icelandic Chamber of Commerce this week released a wide-ranging report on the country’s economic situation. The report is in English, and is available for free.

A chamber of commerce press release states that the need for such a report is: “Because of a lack of external information flow, a lot of misconceptions have developed concerning the chain of events in the recent scenario and the current status of the Icelandic economy. This Status Report is meant to give a better insight into the chain of events and the current economic, business and political landscape in Iceland.”

The statement continues that, “Despite substantial difficulties, general economic activity is still well functional and many Icelandic businesses remain strong and prosperous.”

The Icelandic Chamber of Commerce report is compiled from data and web links covering major events between the run-up to the banking crash which hit Iceland in autumn 2008, to the present day. “The Icelandic Government, both past and present, has taken measures and is tirelessly working towards overcoming the obstacles in the way for stimulating economic growth,” the report says.

The full report, in English, is available without charge here.

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