Charges against former Iceland PM expected soon

The Althingi prosecutor says charges against former Icelandic Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde are nearly ready and will be put to the court trying him for negligence in the banking crisis “very soon”.

Prosecutor Sigridur Fridjonsdottir told the parliamentary prosecutor’s committee on Wednesday that her case against Haarde is going well and will be presented soon, reported.

Fridjonsdottir said that if the charges are not brought to the High Court before Easter, then it will be immediately afterwards. Fridjonsdottir was recently appointed a state prosecutor, which has raised questions about her future as Althingi prosecutor. She says, however, that she can comfortably manage both roles together — especially as the case against Haarde has already come so far.

“And we make no remark on that,” committee chair Margret Tryggvadottir said for the meeting’s minutes.

Iceland has gathered its High Court for the first time in the history of the Icelandic Republic. The High Court is a group of appointed legal and political experts who are always on standby to bring cases against current or former elected officials. Geir Haarde is being prosecuted for alleged incompetence and mismanagement before, during and in the aftermath of Iceland’s banking collapse. If found guilty, he could go to prison.

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