Reykjavik mayor snubs German navy

Three German naval ships with some 700 crew members have arrived in Reykjavik on a ceremonial visit; including the Berlin, which is Germany’s biggest naval vessel.

The ships will stay in the Icelandic capital for several days and a helicopter from one of the ships will perform backup duties for the Icelandic coastguard while in the country, as one of the coastguard’s two helicopters is being inspected and serviced.

Foreign naval ships often visit Iceland for training and ceremonial reasons and are often a popular attraction — especially when they allow the public aboard.

Reykjavik’s anti-war mayor, Jon Gnarr has refused to officially welcome the fleet leader and has successfully pushed for the ships not to be allowed in the old city harbour. They are instead docked at the container terminal, Sundahofn.

This is the first time that the mayor of any city has ever refused to welcome the German navy during an official ceremonial visit, according to

Gnarr told RUV that his actions are not intended to be rude and that he would refuse on principle to welcome any military branch from any country to the city.

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