Initial Icesave voting figures suggest ‘no’ vote

The first voting figures from today’s Icesave referendum have been released. With 68,840 votes counted nationally, 57.7 percent have said ‘no’

When officials in the Southwest voting district had counted 2,962 votes, they declared that 59 percent were ‘no’ votes and 40.5 percent said ‘yes’. There are 28,688 registered voters in that region. The South Iceland voting region is expected to declare its initial figures next.

Initial figures from Reykjavik South suggest a 53.9 percent ‘yes’ vote and 51.3 percent ‘no’ in Reykjavik North. The yes in Reykjavik South seems unlikely to change the nationwide ‘no’ vote.

Minister of Finance Steingrimur J. Sigfusson told RUV that the government has prepared for both possible outcomes and the immediate response to a ‘no’ vote will be discussing the matter with British and Dutch authorities and guarding against an over-reaction in the world media.

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