Green April for Iceland

The environmental awareness campaign Green April has been formally launched in Iceland and will last the whole of April. The aim of the campaign is to wake Icelanders up to environmental issues and introduce people to greener goods and services.

“The idea behind the campaign is to use April to look at where we stand on environmental issues here in Iceland. Such a month-long campaign is unique in the world,” says Valgerdur Matthiasdottir, a member of the Green April group. The 22nd April is international Earth Day.

“We in Iceland are in many respects quite far behind our neighbouring countries when it comes to environmental awareness. We are so used to being close to clean and wild nature and our water is so good. But we are very bad in all areas concerning waste and refuse which are a part of all modern societies,” Matthiasdotir adds.

According to, the Green April group is aiming to encourage central government, local governments, companies, communities and individuals to work together to make April a truly green month.

Over the coming weeks, the group will be behind a large number of varied environmental events and activities. The website is

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