Missing Amager man remains a mystery

Danish police have admitted that they are still no closer to identifying a mystery man who appeared in the Amager district last month uttering nothing but the words: “missing person”. The 25-30-year-old, who had minor head injuries, no money and no identification, was taken to hospital for scans and psychological assessment and is now residing in a mental institution.

The only indicator of past affiliation is an unfinished Copenhagen FC tattoo on the man’s back. Police have paraded pictures round pubs and tattoo parlours near where he was found on February 24, but so far no one appears to recognise him.

“He speaks a little bit, using both Danish and English words, but nothing that we can string together to form any meaning,” deputy assistant commissioner Tommy Keil of Amager Police told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

Officers were also unable to take his prints as the tips of several fingers have been worn down. “Whether it is due to hard physical work or whether it’s done on purpose is impossible to say,” Kiel said.

Superintendent Rorbye Petersen said he is baffled by the case. “It’s strange to meet a man who seems genuinely interested in revealing his identity, but who simply can’t,” he told Berlingske Tidende newspaper. “It can make you wonder whether he’s just pulling our legs. We can only guess, and the funny thing about this case is that you can’t help coming up with all sorts of theories,” he added, The Copenhagen Post reported.

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