Energy investors want Icelandic citizenship

The general committee of Althingi, the Icelandic parliament, has received citizenships requests from ten foreigners. They want to skip the seven year wait and become citizens right away so they can get involved in the renewable energy sector. They say they plan to bring ISK 100 billion (EUR 615.7 million) with them.

The foreigners come from Canada and the USA and want Icelandic passports for themselves and their children, according to RUV’s Kastljos programme. The group is said to include experienced people from the energy sector who have worked all over the world, including in Russia. Icelanders involved in the company Northern Lights Energy are supporting the application. An Icelandic law firm is dealing with the request for the group and presented the plan to the parliamentary committee.

The general parliamentary committee looks after citizenship requests if the applicant specifically requests it; otherwise it is dealt with by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Usually it is expected that an applicant should have been resident in Iceland for seven years before gaining citizenship.