Icelandic minister unhappy with bill

Icelandic fisheries and agriculture minister Jon Bjarnason says he does not support a government bill which would change the way ministries are organised. He believes the bill would put too much power in the hands of the prime minister.

Jon Bjarnason told his colleagues in government that he is not in favour of the bill at a cabinet meeting on Friday.

Among the changes the bill proposes is that the number of ministries should no longer be enshrined in law; only a maximum number should be stated. That way each government would be free to run its ministries in the way is sees as best.

According to information reported by, Bjarnason fears that the PM could move responsibilities between ministries whenever he/she liked with no consideration for if the issue is resolved or not. He says that the PM could take an issue away from a particular minister and give it to another in the middle of its progress just because he/she does not agree with the way the minister is dealing with it.

This is not the first time that Jon Bjarnason has voiced his dissatisfaction over the organisation of ministries: he was also opposed to the merger of several ministries into one large Ministry of Employment.

As well as being privately against the bill, Bjarnason says he is also prepared to fight and vote against it in parliament, if it comes to that.