Six more arrested in football fixing sting

An investigation into alleged match-fixing within Finnish football has taken another step forward after four foreign Rovaniemen Pallseura (RoPS) players were detained at a training session. There are suspicions of foul play in around 10 of last season’s games.

Shortly after the news of the arrests on Tuesday the 15th in the capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi, the National Bureau of investigation announced that a total of six people from across Finland had been taken into custody. One of the two additional players is thought to be HJK midfielder Dominic Yobe.

The current investigation started after a Singaporean, rumoured to be Wilson Raj Perumal, was arrested in February while trying to leave Finland on a fake passport. The footballer has already been convicted of match fixing in his home country. The Singaporean is accused of making payments to footballers in Finland to influence match results.

Zamibian RoPS winger Christopher Musonda is also reportedly being questioned by police.